Let’s build a magnificent legacy of your business & life together.

AngelCore, LLC.

AngelCore helps companies achieve financial success through superior advertising and marketing programs. We are a leading provider of sales tools and videos, known as, Impact Movies. First introduced by Mike Gozian and offered by AngelVision, they quickly became the industry standard and earned over 400 awards for advertising, innovation and marketing ROI. They are currently available exclusively through AngelCore. In 2011, Michael was named Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association of Oregon and included in their Hall of Fame for marketing and management excellence.




My Stories, LLC.

Just as we will create a legacy for your business through AngelCore, we can create a legacy for yourself through, My Stories. At My Stories, we make it easy and affordable to produce beautiful books about your unique life. Our biographers uncover your feelings, beliefs, challenges, pivotal moments, lessons-learned, roads-not-taken, the people and events that affected you most, predictions about our society, concerns and hopes for our world and future. It’s a magnificent legacy of your exceptional life that will be handed down to family and friends for eternity.




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AngelCore, AngelVision, Impact Movies and My Stories are registered trademarks of The Gozian Group and Michael Jingozian. This is Mike's previous last name, but that's a story of its own!